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Classy is a giving experience platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about.

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Our founding story

Classy started as a fundraising solution developed from the perspective of supporters. We came together as a group of people inspired by personal experiences with causes we care about. After our founder’s mother survived two rounds of breast cancer, we sought to enable more people to make a difference for the causes they care about. Frustrated by the challenges around making donations and the poor experience for supporters, we questioned why giving had to be so hard. We believed better technology was the answer, so we decided to build it. Beginning with our own fundraising campaign and refined across the campaigns of thousands of nonprofits, our powerful platform is elegantly designed to optimize giving experiences, so that supporters are more engaged and nonprofit fundraisers have a greater impact. We are singularly dedicated to getting more funding directly to the causes that matter most, and with $3B raised on our platform in the first 10 years, we are just getting started.

Classy is on a mission to mobilize and empower the world for good. People want to make a difference, and great giving experiences help them connect to causes they care about. Through powerful technology and insights, Classy enables nonprofits to engage them when and how it matters. And when people's generosity is unlocked, it means more giving and more impact.

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Classy Co-Founders Marshall Peden, Scot Chisholm and Pat Walsh
Classy Co-Founders Marshall Peden, Scot Chisholm and Pat Walsh


Who Are Classy's Customers?

Classy’s customers include 6,000+ of the world’s top nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. Our customers range from high-growth social good startups to some of the most respected nonprofit brands in the world.

At any moment there are thousands of campaigns that are being run on Classy. We’ve had the honor of powering some of the most successful online fundraising campaigns of all-time.

Check out our customers page to see more.

Who Are the People Behind Classy?

We’re 240+ passionate technologists building the best fundraising technology available. We put the needs of nonprofits and supporters first as we expand our platform and scale our codebase.


What Is the Collaborative + Classy Awards?

The Collaborative is an annual, multi-day experience that convenes top leadership from across the social sector and showcases the most innovative solutions to today’s global problems. The Classy Awards, recognize excellence in social innovation. If you are a member of the media looking to attend either event, please email [email protected]

How Does The Classy Platform Work?

Classy thinks it should be easy to give. With Classy, you have the formats to engage supporters and activate donors when and how you need to. Our suite of fundraising tools allows you to create more relevant connections and encourage more people to contribute to your cause. With intuitive experiences and payment options, Classy makes it incredibly easy for supporters to give, resulting in much higher conversion. Classy’s purposeful tools enable you to realize your fundraising strategy with ease and efficiency. Create high-performing campaigns and make quick changes as fundraising needs evolve. Classy started as a solution to fundraising from the perspective of supporters. We’ve developed a deep understanding of supporter needs and behaviors through 10 years of experience and data from thousands of campaigns.

Can any Organization Use Classy?

Currently, we allow nonprofit organizations and social enterprises from the United States and Canada to use the Classy platform.

We also work with Corporate Foundations and select corporations to power employee fundraising. If interested, give us a shout at [email protected].

What Is Classy's Business Model?

Classy offers a variety of subscription plans that suit any sized organization. Classy applies an industry-low revenue share for the funds that are raised through the platform ranging from 0-5% depending on the subscription plan that is chosen. Classy does not apply a fee to offline donations that are logged through the platform (but not actually raised online).

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