A Smarter Way to Fundraise: Explore Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

Healthcare fundraising tools built to convert

With today’s healthcare nonprofits facing tighter budgets and market uncertainty, adopting a comprehensive fundraising platform is more critical than ever. Discover how leading healthcare organizations use Classy to create donation experiences that inspire lifetime loyalty.

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Tailor your giving experiences to appeal to every donor

Mobilize grateful patients to fundraise on your behalf, or power your next endurance event with Classy’s in-house event software.

Classy’s robust array of fundraising campaign types, from direct appeals to peer-to-peer, crowdfunding, and events, helps meet your supporters in the right places at the right time.

Learn how City of Hope utilizes a peer-to-peer fundraising strategy on Classy to amplify its story.

Engage and retain major healthcare fundraising donors

Your healthcare organization plays an integral role in the lives of many. Forge lasting emotional connections through authentic storytelling with major donors to nurture lifetime loyalty.

Watch how Shriners Hospitals for Children partners with Classy to improve the giving experience for everyone involved.

Offer payment methods that appeal to any generation

Reaching younger donors is critical to the sustainability of your healthcare organization. Remove barriers for any potential donor to give with mobile-optimized pages, and make the experience more personalized with Classy Pay.

Offer preferred payment options like Venmo, PayPal, credit card, ACH, digital wallets, and more.

Read how diversified payment options can help attract new generations of donors.

Without Classy, we wouldn’t have been able to connect our mission and story, engage donors, or reach our fundraising goals.

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 Nonprofits transforming the future of health with Classy

Your healthcare fundraising platform and partner

Secure donor data

We maintain a safe environment for donor data with Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL Security, built on Amazon Web Services.

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Recurring giving

Manage or launch a robust recurring giving program on Classy with innovative tools and flexible donation options.

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Customized campaigns

Create branded, conversion-optimized fundraising pages in minutes to scale with all of your unique healthcare programs.

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Why is fundraising important in healthcare?

Fundraising in healthcare plays a vital role in driving medical research, enhancing patient care, improving access to healthcare, supporting vulnerable populations, and investing in education and training. The financial assistance helps bridge funding gaps, fosters innovation, and ultimately contributes to the advancement of healthcare, improvement of patient care, and the well-being of communities as a whole.

How do I set up a fundraiser for my healthcare nonprofit?

To set up a fundraiser for your healthcare nonprofit, start by defining your fundraising goals and choosing a suitable event or campaign. Plan the logistics, budget, and timeline, and obtain any necessary permits or permissions. Next, build a dedicated fundraising team to assist with organization and promotion and develop a fundraising message that communicates the impact of your nonprofit’s work. Establish a fundraising platform to collect donations, and promote your fundraiser through various nonprofit marketing channels.

Who can participate in healthcare fundraising?

Anyone is welcome to participate in healthcare fundraising. We see individuals, healthcare professionals, corporations and businesses, community organizations, foundations, volunteers, and government agencies getting involved to support in ways that resonate with them.

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