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Discover why the world’s top nonprofits choose Classy to advance their missions.

  • Amplify your impact through customizable direct giving, peer-to-peer, and event fundraising campaigns
  • Double your donations and increase lifetime donor retention by keeping your story at the forefront
  • Learn why 95% of Classy customers choose our platform year after year for the highest-quality solutions and unwavering partnership

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Discover why the world’s top nonprofits choose Classy to advance their missions.


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“We felt Classy was the perfect partner because we could grow with them and they could grow with us. We've been developing, designing, and launching together ever since.”
“With the national expansion that we have in mind, we’re happy to already have a fundraising software that can meet our growing needs.”
“When you use the Classy product, you’re getting access to the Classy team and there’s real value in that. They want to see you grow and succeed. It’s evident in everything they do. ”
“We needed a platform that allowed us to work smarter, not harder. Classy saves us so much time, which we've been able to put back into the things that matter.”
“For us, it's never been about the dollar, but always about the impact. Classy has made it easy for us to communicate the impact of a donation to our donors while making it even easier to collect any donation!”

Explore Classy’s Comprehensive Fundraising Solution

Our product suite accounts for every step of the donor journey, from the first transaction to lifetime retention and every interaction in between.

Donation Forms

Remove friction from your donors’ checkout experience with embedded and modal forms.

Classy Live

Power your virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences with ease.

Donation Websites

Collect one-time or recurring donations online with a donation website powered by Classy Studio.

Classy Pay

Streamline your payment processing and inspire repeat donations.

Recurring Giving

Make it easier to capture and grow your recurring donor base and predict future revenue.

Peer-to-Peer Giving

Reach entirely new audiences by empowering supporters to fundraise on your behalf.


Is it difficult to get my Classy account up and running?

By choosing Classy, you are also choosing to see results fast. We know that learning new software can take time, but that doesn’t mean you should have to wait to see value. We’ve created a simple, streamlined action plan to support you in getting launched within your first week.

Does Classy work with international organizations?

Organizations on Classy must be headquartered in the United States, but programs can operate anywhere in the world.

How much does Classy cost?

Classy offers a comprehensive fundraising tech stack on a sliding cost scale. Our top priority is delivering high returns for our customers through our complete solution priced according to customer needs.

Our pricing is a combination of an annual upfront subscription, with a transaction fee associated with each donation.

Is Classy owned by GoFundMe?

Classy is an affiliate of GoFundMe. Classy creates meaningful connections through giving by empowering nonprofits to take advantage of opportunities to connect with donors and build lasting relationships. By connecting motivated donors to the causes they care about most through powerful and flexible technology, Classy transforms giving intent into measurable impact.

Classy’s scalable technology provides better insights, faster engagement, and a superior giving experience. Since 2010, GoFundMe and Classy have helped individuals raise over $30 billion.

What’s included in a demo?

Demos provide an overview of the Classy platform, led by a qualified member of our Sales team. Each experience is curated to match the organization’s unique needs, demonstrating the tools most applicable to their growth strategies and providing product recommendations to help solve for existing goals and roadblocks.

How can customers reach support?

Customers can reach support by filling out a Customer Care contact form or initiating a conversation through our in-product chat functionality. Customers also have free access to Classy Academy, our extensive library of interactive lessons and trainings on how to best utilize the Classy platform.

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